Design Changes

20131123-_R3B9190 web

Here’s the accent tile for the bathrooms.  I love it! The Master Bath shower has the tile up (not the grout) and it looks great.)

20131123-_R3B9188 web

The marble tile on the walls makes it look a lot lighter in the bath.  I love the accent stripe of the round turquoise tiles.  I also love the gray tile on the floor of the shower.  The same color tile will be used on the floor of both baths.

Now, here’s the guest/hall bath.

20131123-_R3B9193 web

The plan was to do the same thing in the tub enclosure as in the Master Shower.  But after seeing the beautiful round turquoise tile and spending all day today painting in the bathroom I’ve come up with an idea that I really want to do.  I sat down in Photoshop and put together a patchwork of an idea I have.  I did this just to give me an idea, not that it is exactly to scale.

20131123-_R3B9193 new web

I think covering the whole back wall with the turquoise tile and using the marble tile on the sides will make a great design statement.  I showed it to my husband and he said we could do it.  I’m not sure the tile guy will be very happy because he will have to wait a few days to order the turquoise tile.  He could still do the floor and the other two walls.

I think this will make a real statement.

At least I hope.

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