Clean Up and Cool Fencing

Simultaneous to grading the backyard area, the old fencing came down to put up the new fencing. When the old fence was removed, the older grape stake fence was hidden behind it. This fence was probably put up in the late ’50s before my parents moved into the house.

Measuring the fence.

In order to complete the fence around the entire backyard we had to go into the “jungle” of ivy and other overgrown plants along the side yard.

Side yard overgrown with ivy and other plant life.
Another view from the top.

The fence for the back yard would be a continuation of the fence in the front yard (see above photo). The poles, however, were a bit different. They are steel poles with redwood wraps. No rotting with these things.

Then came the placement of the gas line and the mock-up of our dream kitchen.

Those round circles spray-painted on the ground represent a firepit table and chairs we purchased in October of 2017. The plywood on saw-horses represents the actual kitchen. This part was very exciting to both of us as we could see and actually feel the size of the kitchen and patio.

It’s HUGE!

Meanwhile, the workers continued to dig up ivy roots in their effort to get rid of it.

The redwood fence went up and it made all the difference in the world. The contractor added the niches in the kitchen area to break up the huge expanse of horizontal wood. Brilliant!

We also added our own personal touch to really let the neighbors know that this place was ours. Speaking of neighbors, they walked by the house frequently to see what was happening and they all commented on how much they liked the fence.

NEXT UP: Pouring the cement for the patio and choosing the kitchen elements.

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