Patio and Grill

We started this adventure in February of 2018. It was a large project, indeed. Now it was June 2018. The initial forms for the patio and stairs were formed.

Then, the cement workers showed up and they were fast and efficient. No lolligagers in this group.

New sweeping stairway to upper part of backyard.
Original stairway constructed by my dad with old brick from his childhood grammar school when it was torn down.
Close-up of stairs with texture added.
Planter area which will be on both sides of the fence, when the fence is installed.

A few days after the cement was poured and the second color was layered in, I looked out my window to see this beautiful cloud of what I thought was water spray from one of the workers cleaning off the dust. It was June, and the weather was nice, so all the windows in my house were open.

I grabbed my camera and began taking pictures of the scene that was unfolding before me.

And then I began to realize that the beautiful “water spray” was not water at all…it was cement dust. At that point, the dust was beginning to enter into my house as I ran around trying to close all the windows. Too little, too late…

I had to laugh at myself over this how the “photographer” me took over the “common sense” me. It took a while to clean up the dust because it continued to settle for several hours.

Next, the gravel and grid was laid for the patio.

Cement poured for the patio with red overlaid for depth.

This time I was prepared for the dust blow off. All windows closed.

The front fence was installed, which made the neighbors a little sad because they could no longer check on our progress. After all the openness in the backyard, it felt a little strange to be walled in.

Now it was July and, at last, the kitchen guy came over to outline the actual kitchen and then measure for installation. Hazaah!

Gate installed (with secret pull) and we had privacy at last.

Then the exciting part for the husband was ordering the kitchen appliances and picking out the finishes. We chose two different tiles for the counter and base. It’s always a nail-biter to see how it will turn out.

Next up: Installation of counter, finishes and kitchen appliances.

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