Three Years Later (continued)

This post continues with the previous post bringing this blog up to the end of 2016.


As mentioned in the prior post, 2016 brought huge differences to the exterior of the house.  We finally sold our other house and so we had some money to fix the Mid Mod up and it badly needed it.

20160519-7FBThis is the south side of the home which was badly in need of repair.  The rest of the house wasn’t that much better.

20160519-4FBThe redwood had to be specially milled to match the original siding because of the thickness of the original redwood.  They just don’t mill redwood that thick anymore.

20160519-2FBThe deck was also in very bad shape, but it would have to be on the agenda later.

One of the things our contractor suggested was to frame the windows with redwood, especially in the front (above) so that the windows and sliders would look more cohesive.

20160518-2This is the west and patio side of the house facing our backyard.  When we remodeled the interior of the house this part was bumped out adding about 80 sf to our kitchen and dining room.  They did not use redwood for the siding, but used simple plywood.  So this all needed to be replaced.

20160524-68I loved the color of the redwood so much and I wished we could return the entire house to the original look with just a stain, but that would have cost us a fortune.  Sigh.

IMG_6395Here’s the back of the house (south side) as they were making repairs.  The framing of the windows does add  a more finished look.

20160608-11FBThe other major thing going on was tearing off the roof to bare wood and replacing it.  It was originally a tar and gravel roof, but that type of roof is either no longer legal (which being in California, I highly suspect), or they just don’t do those roofs anymore.  We chose a TPO built up type roof.  We also replaced the gutter and the downspouts (more about that later.)20160607-9FB

The roofers showed up around 6:00 every morning, and they were not too concerned about being quiet.  They were concerned about getting the work done early before it got too hot.

20160609-146I called them Roof Zombies because they stomped around on the roof and all we ever saw were their shadows.  Plus, because the roof was stripped down to bare wood and we have open beam ceilings, we had dirt falling between the cracks and into the house like rain.  Our new little dog, Brandy was terrified.  She  is a senior dog who doesn’t see well and her hearing is not good either, so she preferred to be outside where she could kind of see the roof zombies moving around vs. hearing a bunch of pounding on the ceiling.

20160609-157FBroof zombies.jpgOr maybe there really were roof zombies up there.

The roofing was fairly expensive and took up half of our budget, but it was definitely worth it.


At last the house was ready to be painted.  The redwood was replaced, cracks were patched and the windows had all been framed.  I had been looking at paint colors and other mid mod homes to try to figure out what color I wanted to paint the house.


I wanted gray, but I didn’t know what shade, so we tried several.


This was my favorite, but I thought it was a bit dark.  So, down to the paint shop we went.


I found the gray that I wanted for the house, but I needed to make sure it went with a redwood color stain that I knew I would want for the deck.

20160620-1.jpgWe finally settled on these colors.  The gray for the main part of the house.  White for the trim, the carport ceiling and roof overhang.  Turquoise for the back door.  Orange for the front door.  (The chip looks a little red in the picture, but the door is orange.)

When the painters came, I left town and headed back up to Tahoe with the new dog.

20160705-16FBChecking back with the water level in Lake Tahoe, you can see that the level is up quite a bit.  We had a fair amount of rain and snow in 2015/2016 winter but not enough to get Northern California out of the drought. This photo was taken in July, 2016.  20160707-44.jpg

The lake level is normally almost up to the tree line with a narrow strip of beach.  But, during the drought, the beach area was huge.  Again, in 2016, the wildflowers were abundant.


20160715-107.jpgBrandy, our new dog, and I go someplace every day for our daily walk, which she loves.  When Corby (my husband) was with us, we all walked together.  Brandy likes it better when she walks with him because he never stops to take pictures.  She gets a little impatient about that.

20160804-81.jpgI finally came down off the mountain to take a look at our newly painted house and I fell in love all over again. (Landscape is also on our later list.)

20160804-89.jpg20160804-71.jpg20160804-99.jpg20160804-106.jpgI loved the way the back door turned out painted turquoise.  I was really glad that we decided to paint the ceiling of the carport white.  It brings in so much more light.

We were expecting more rain in 2016/2017 (which we got in buckets), so we added copper rain chains for downspouts.


We ended up buying three rain chains, each different.  We got so much rain this last season that the gutters had trouble keeping up with it.  But, I still love the look of rain chains.  We will be adding pots on the ground for them to flow into.  I think that will contain the splash factor.

Next entry, I will talk about the building of the deck this year.

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