What to do with the addition?

New addition

New addition

The New Addition!  Ta Daa!

We added 90 square feet to the family/kitchen that used to be on the outside of the house.  It will extend the kitchen cabinets storage along the left hand wall.  A dining room table and chairs will be accommodated in that area, now.  You can see that the ceiling is painted gray and one of the beams is stained redwood, which was the original color of the house. We are not quite sure what we will do with the ceiling yet.  The ceiling on the other side of the room (to the right on this picture) also used to be on the outside.  My parents remodeled this area sometime in the 60’s.  I’m pretty sure they hired a person who did some faux painting on the ceiling to make it look as if it was natural wood to match the rest of the ceilings in the house.  But, I don’t really remember.  We may do that, or we may try to do it ourselves.  (My husband is very skeptical about that alternative.) But, we could always just paint it a wood tone for the time being until we decide or save up enough money to hire a painter to faux paint it.

The more immediate problem is the white wall with the patio door in it.  We don’t have any more paneling, except a few small pieces that were removed when the addition was installed.  It would be ridiculously expensive to get more paneling and then refinish all the paneled walls to match.  And, I don’t particularly like the look of the white walls.

We first thought about painting that wall a unique color…maybe to match the lovely little round tiles that we have in the bathrooms.

Turquoise feature wall

Turquoise feature wall

So, I did a little Photo shop (the advantage of being a photographer) and…well, I’m not thrilled.

Then, I got a great idea!  Wallpaper.  Retro wallpaper.  My husband was even on board with that idea.

I found two retro wallpapers and did a little magic Photoshop yet again to give us an idea. First the example I found on the internet:


My husband and I both really like this one because it gets away from all the straight lines and adds some movement to the room. (I think the pattern may be a little smaller than I have shown, but you get the idea.)

My Photoshopped Rendition

My Photoshopped Rendition

And here’s the second sample we found on the internet.


And my photoshopped photo.

Auditioning Wallpaper choice number 2

Auditioning Wallpaper choice number 2

Again, this wallpaper adds some movement and color to the room.

The jury is out.

An update on the tile in our bathroom with the beautiful large tub:  My husband sent an email to our poor contractor Saturday night that we wanted to make the design change.  The contractor said he was hoping to be done with the tile by Friday.  Who knew that these guys would be working on the day after Thanksgiving?

So, I ordered the tile today and it should be in on Wednesday.  I’m sure that will put them a day behind, but I really want this design change.

We spent the entire weekend applying sealer and then painting the walls and ceiling in the two bathrooms, so that the tile guy could finish up the tile and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting paint on the new tile.

Hubster does some caulking in the hall

Hubster does some caulking in the hall

We also got the kitchen mostly sealed (we didn’t want to cover up some electrician instructions because he put the stove and hood connections in the wrong place) and partially painted.  I sealed the new door frames (we will be staining the doors) and we got one of the bedrooms sealed. We are hoping to be able to paint during the long weekend.

Kitchen wall before sealing

Kitchen wall before sealing

Kitchen wall after sealing.

Kitchen wall after sealing.

We’ve gotten one bid for the flooring and after we passed out and came-to, we decided we should rethink are flooring choices and maybe try and different floor company.

Things are popping now.

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