New Counters in the Kitchen

New Counters in the Kitchen

I mentioned that the counter tops would be installed yesterday.  I couldn’t wait to see them, so the hubster and I stopped by late to take a look.There wasn’t a lot of light in the house, so the pictures aren’t real crisp, but you get the idea.  We chose white quartz for the material and right now, I do not regret our choice.  It’s clean, light and modern looking.



The island is very huge.  It is 4’x9′ and, obviously, has lots of working space, along with seating for at least 4 people. In the above picture you can see our two-hole sink and also the opening for the dishwasher on the left hand side of the sink. The pull-out trash/recyle container is on the right of the sink.  The rest of the drawers and cupboards are storage.  There are also 1/2 cabinets on the other side of the counter that have storage.  Handy for storing things that we don’t use very much.  My mom had a double-sided cabinet on the original island where she stored her silver and a few other things that she only used once a year or so.

Kitchen counter and two glass tiles for backsplash

Kitchen counter and two glass tiles for backsplash

We did a major shopping expedition to pick up the material that will be installed this week.  We chose this glass tile that is about twice as long as subway tile.  Because the area we are installing this backsplash is long, we chose the longer tile so that it wouldn’t look so chopped up.  The tile is supposed to be installed today and will be grouted tomorrow.  So, I will probably drop by tomorrow afternoon to see how things are coming along.

Main bathroom sink

Main bathroom sink

I am in love with the bathroom sink for the main bathroom.  It is so pretty and is not too tall.  It also has enough room on each side to put towels, make-up, etc. as people are getting ready.  And, the floors are heated.  The cabinet maker will be installing two smaller drawers on each side of the sink instead of the large one (where the holes are.)

Master Bathroom Trough sink

Master Bathroom Trough sink

Here is the Master Bathroom cabinet and sink.  There was not enough room to install two sinks, so we decided to get one large sink with two faucets so my husband and I could get ready together, if we had to.  It rarely happens now, but I could foresee it possibly happening.



These are some of the purchases we made on our mammoth shopping trip on Saturday.  Now that some of these things are home, I’m thinking I’m not as crazy about them as when I was in the store.  So, they may go back.  I’m heading to IKEA again on Friday to order the closet system, so I might change out some of these items.

Lighting fixtures...

Lighting fixtures…

Here’s more of the stuff that we have purchased that will be installed this week, included lighting pendants, a fan, some outdoor fixtures, etc.  It should be fun to see so much happening in one or two weeks.  The plumbing will be finished up next week.

Then…it’s the flooring (that we finally ordered) and the appliances.

Done and done!

Now, that’s exciting.

I’m taking a photography class on video as part of my continuing education.  I decided to do my second assignment on the remodeling project.  So…here it is.


<p><a href=”″>The Money Pit: A Mid Century Remodel by Karen Schmautz</a> from <a href=”″>Robin Nichols</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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