Cabinet Hardware and Painting EVERYTHING

Cabinet Hardware from IKEA

Cabinet Hardware from IKEA

A couple of months ago, right when we began all this remodeling, we went to IKEA to get ideas and maybe some lighting fixtures.

What we didn’t expect to get was cabinet hardware.  We needed so many pulls for our cabinets and drawers that I felt it would break the bank until I saw the great bargains at IKEA.  We probably paid half of what we would have paid at a big box DIY store or a kitchen store.  And, I think they look great.

We did have a small issue with the bathroom cabinets, particularly the Master Bath.  We are installing a trough sink with two faucets and one drain in the Master Bath.  When we did the walk thru with the cabinet guy, we told him that the faucets would probably be behind the side drawers.  He said it wouldn’t be a problem because he could make “shorty” drawers that wouldn’t go all the way back.  So instead of the original 4 drawers per cabinet, we changed it to 6 drawers.

20131210-21 web

I didn’t notice the problem originally when I posted this the first time.  Apparently there was a mix-up with the order, but the cabinet guy said he would take care of it by splitting each of the top drawers into two drawers.  Problem solved.  I don’t like the top drawers being so large in the bathroom, anyway.  My toothbrush will get lost. Kudos to our cabinet guy (another local).

Yesterday we were painting at the house.  I was in the Master Bedroom and I heard a loud crash and the hubster said something like, “DANG IT!”  or “OH NO!” or something similar.  I yelled in, “Are you okay?”  He said he was and that he had dropped the paint.

I went in the bedroom where he was doing the cut-in work around the ceiling area and saw this!



He had cleaned it up a bit and told me that it was good that we are putting carpet on the floor.

I went back to work and no sooner had I gotten the paint brush all wetted up with paint when I heard the same crash and, “DANG IT! It happened again.”  I didn’t say anything for a few minutes.  Then, I walked back in the room and saw this.

20131221-_R3B0536 web

Splotch redux

Turns out the clips on the back of the paint pan were not holding onto the ladder.  He switched out the pan and had no more problems.

Splotch part 3

Splotch part 3

Well, almost no problems.

We have discovered that misunderstandings and issues come up in construction projects.  We’ve been thru several remodeling projects here at the house we live in now, so we have learned to expect the unexpected.  The best thing to do is to try not to get all worked up about it and work with the contractors to solve the problem.

Now, if we could only light a fire under the counter-top guy because we are dead stop until he can put in the counters and we don’t even have a bid from him yet.

Oh, and there’s the floors.  We should have that under way right after Christmas.  yea!

We’ve also worked out a little something with the painted ceiling in the new addition.  I’ll comment on that later.

Maybe we should paint the floor.

Maybe we should paint the floor.

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