Shopping for the Mid Century Remodel



Where do you go shopping for Mid Century furniture besides Second Hand or Antique Stores?

Luckily, Mid Century Modern has come back in to style and it is not hard to find furniture for a Mid Century Modern Home.  There’s Dot and Bo (a great store), IKEA and Scandinavian Design.  Dot and Bo is a wonderful place for great furniture and accessories, but I certainly couldn’t afford to furnish my entire house at Dot and Bo.  Wish I could.

But, I have found the IKEA and Scandinavian Designs have some wonderful furniture with the look of Mid Century Modern at a fraction of the price.  The above picture is just some of the things that we found yesterday when we shopped. Hubster says he will not shop at IKEA on the weekend anymore because it is just too crowded.  It was kind of crazy but there were all kinds of things that we found.  We are basically looking to replace all of our furniture in the living room, family room, dining room, Master Bedroom and office, so we need to shop frugally.

Hubster finds a comfy chair in IKEA

Hubster finds a comfy chair in IKEA

We also found some light fixtures, which I forgot to photograph and some drawer and cupboard pulls for the bathrooms and the kitchen.  We also decided on the kitchen backsplash, which I will save for another post.

On Friday evening Obie T Dogg and I went by the house and saw that the new bathtub was in the bathroom but was not moved into place or hooked up.

New Dream Tub

New Dream Tub

Yesterday evening when the hubster and I dropped off our purchases and the paint, I saw that the plumber had been there (on a Saturday!) and installed the tub.  It was too dark in there to take a picture, but it is dreamy…and very large.  It makes me very, very happy.

We will probably start painting this week and I think the bathroom tile will be going in.  (Excitedly claps hands.)  We have to have the bathroom painted before the tile goes in, so I will be anxiously awaiting the texturing to go on the walls so that we can quickly paint.

Things are moving fast, now…I’ll try to keep up.

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