The sad case of the tiny bathtub

Original bathtub

Original bathtub

UPDATE***  The contractor has agreed to remove and replace the bathtub as long as we buy the new bathtub.  Deal!

Well, we have run in to our first real, heartbreaking snag.  So heartbreaking that I actually cried a little (not kidding.)

When I was growing up, this was the bathroom that I used.  It is a roomy bathroom with a tiny little tub.  The shower head was about neck/face level for me and it was enclosed with one of those glass sliding doors.  But, it was so small that I had to keep my elbows down to wash my hair.  I never liked the tub.  I was always banging my elbows on the glass.  Plus those glass doors and tracks are really difficult to keep clean.

You can see that the kids removed the sliding glass doors and installed a curtain because the doors did not allow enough room.  The rest of the bathroom was actually very roomy.

Sink area was roomy and had lots of storage.

Sink area was roomy and had lots of storage.

When I originally got together with the contractor at the beginning of the project, I asked him if it would be possible to put in a bigger tub.  He said that it would be entirely possible.  So, I spent several days looking for new tubs.  When we met with the plumbing/appliance people, I showed him the tub I picked out and added it to our list of things we were going to buy from him.  It was a relatively expensive tub, but I fell in love with it.  Since this is the main bathroom that guests will be using, I wanted the bathroom to look beautiful and spa-like.

So, my husband began to tear it out, but got a little stuck with it and the contractor had to finish.

Begin removing old tub

Begin removing old tub

A few days later, I was pleased to see the old tub out by the dumpster, cut in half.

Then, I walked into the bathroom and saw this:

New bathtub picked out by plumber

New bathtub picked out by plumber

I was stunned.  This was not the tub that I had picked out.  In fact, it was the exact same size as the old tub.  No one ever talked to us about the style, size or anything else about the tub.  They just picked one out and installed it. What?

I spoke to my husband and he talked to the contractor about it.  The contractor said he could remove it and replace with a different bathtub and handed us a bill to remove the tub and change the plumbing.  Adding that to the cost of the tub I picked out…well, I was overwhelmed.  I did not think it was fair that I should be responsible for this tub that I had not picked out.  Why would we want the same tub installed that was there before?  I was beside myself, but I didn’t really want to pay more money.  This is obviously a huge misunderstanding.  Our contractor has been wonderful about everything that we’ve done to the house.  I’ve enjoyed working with them.  We have had a few misunderstandings with the subs, though.  The electrician had to back out of the project early on.  The contractor went on vacation several weeks into the project and I think that is where the plumber might have gotten off the track.  I should have held firm and requested that they remove the tub that I didn’t like.  The hubster told me it would be okay. (Silly me.  I thought that meant he would talk to the contractor.  I was wrong.)

I tried to like the tub.  That didn’t work.  I tried to get over the tub.  But I just kept getting more and more upset.  There was no way we could put a glass divider up because of the lack of room.  We would have to use a shower curtain and that was unacceptable to me.  I continued to talk to my husband about it and tell him how miserable I was.  He kept saying it would be okay.  I knew it wouldn’t

Last week they put the drywall up and the reality of the bathtub crashed down on me.  I cried.

Drywall in

Drywall in

My husband just did not understand how deeply I felt about the tub and how mad I was that we had to pay for a tub that we did not want.  It was becoming a thorn between us.  So, finally, he told me if it meant that much to me that we should put in the new tub.  I know it will entail removing the old tub and reinstalling new plumbing.  I guess, at this point, I don’t care.  I do not want to live with that tiny tub.

Last night he wrote to the contractor and we will see what happens.  The contractor is a good guy whom my husband has worked with several times before.  He has generally given us everything we wanted, but he just let the plumber get ahead of us, so we need to have a meeting of the minds.

I hope we can work it out because it is really the only thing I really, really wanted.  Sigh.

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